Tornado, Wind, and Hail Roof Damage
By J-Conn Roofing, Friday, March 25, 2022
Tornado Roofer Roof Repair

Tornados in the Austin area are rare. But as we’ve seen this week, they are possible. Homes in the path of the tornado sustained severe damage, some with whole roofs being torn off. Other homes suffered severe wind damage (missing and loose shingles), tree damage and hail damage.

You may drive through a neighborhood in the path of the tornado or in areas of a hailstorm and see varying degrees of damage. Amazingly, some homes in these areas sustained no damage at all, but to determine this, the roof will need to be inspected. The strong winds of and around a tornado can tear off shingles, decking, vents, and satellite dishes, and break trees causing tree damage. Roofs that are caught in hail’s path can be damaged in varying ways depending on the size of the hail stone. Most impacts are seen as a circular shape of a dent or ding. Shingles may be damaged, skylights may crack or break, and vents and gutters may show signs of damage with dents.

If you live in the area of recent storms and see signs of or suspect roof damage, call a local, dependable roofer like J-Conn Roofing to inspect your roof for damage. In times of severe storms, you may have companies or individuals come by knocking on your door- be vigilant, do your research and ensure you are using a local, reputable roofing contractor.