Preparing and Repairing Your Roof When Severe Weather Hits


Here in the Austin area, we are no strangers to the excesses of Mother Nature. Throughout the year, we are susceptible to thunderstorms, which bring lightning strikes and, often, abnormally large and dangerous hailstones. During warmer months, we are vulnerable to the destructive forces of tornadoes and hurricanes. Each of these storm systems also brings high winds — and each one can damage or even destroy your roof. Fortunately, J-Conn Roofing & Repair Service’s professional crew is capable of repairing even the worst that Mother Nature can dish out.


Hail — sometimes, very large and dangerous hail — is quite a common phenomenon in our Texas thunderstorms; hail may also occur with tornadic activity. The roof damage from hail occurs from impacts. Hailstones can pit or break shingles and cause loss of granules; they can also dent or destroy vents, downspouts, gutters, and flashing. J-Conn can inspect for the signs of hail damage, which include circular cracks in shingles, dents in metal gutters, and piles of lost granules at the exit of your downspouts, and make effective repairs after the storm.


Many of our Texas storms are usually accompanied by wind gusts or even sustained heavy winds. Any unrestrained objects — tree limbs or lawn furniture, for example, or even heavier objects — can be turned into missile hazards, especially during a tornado. These ordinary objects propelled by extraordinary winds can penetrate or crush your roof; even lesser winds can cause uplift that peels shingles from your roof. Your best preparation is to use shingles that are appropriately rated for high wind speeds and correctly installed. If you are in the market for a reroofing project, J-Conn may be able to recommend modification to your existing roof structure, slope, and orientation to mitigate the effects of prevailing winds.


In the Austin area, we are certainly not strangers to the torrid heat of summer. During the hot months, your shingles must reflect a great amount of heat and ultraviolet light, and the vents in your attic space or top floor must allow for adequate ventilation of warm air trapped in your home. Ultraviolet light is reflected by the granules that are pressed into roofing shingles during the manufacturing process; loss of granules steadily diminishes shingles’ reflective capacity and, thus, the effective lifetime of your roof. The thermal cycling caused by extreme fluctuation between day and night temperatures in the summer causes expansion and contraction in shingles, making them more susceptible to cracking. Regular maintenance by J-Conn keeps your roof in a state of readiness for the heat of summer.


The most serious severe weather threats for us in Texas are tornadoes and hurricanes. These cyclonic storm systems, with their destructive winds, extreme pressure variances, and torrential rains, are the worst nightmares that any roof can face. As a homeowner, you can safeguard your roof by keeping it in a state of good repair at all times. J-Conn Roofing adheres to the local and state building codes that give your roof its best possible protection against these devastating storms. Should your roof require extensive repairs or even complete replacement, we’ll work with your insurance carrier to restore your safety and peace of mind as quickly as possible.


Although storms can be forecast with varying degrees of accuracy, no one can predict the damage that any given system will cause. Regular inspection and maintenance by J-Conn Roofing & Repair Service, Austin’s roofing expert for more than 30 years, is the best preventative measure that can be taken to protect your home. Monthly specials make it easy for you to budget storm preparations. Give us a call at 512-479-0510 or contact us on the web; we’ll ensure that your roof is in perfect shape and trouble-free.