Roofs in Their Gentle Color Warm My Heart and Bring Me Home By Chris R.
By J-Conn Roofing, Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Our recent blog posts of roof poems we have shared have inspired friends to share their own creative writing. We appreciate our friend Chris sending this to us and allowing us to share it.

Roofs in Their Gentle Color Warm My Heart and Bring Me Home  remember as a kid wading through a shallow stream in the summer with large trees towering on the banks and cool water on my feet. I stood in the sparkling water and grabbed a hand full of smooth rounded stones. The stones were grays, tans, and reddish brown. The grays were gentle and calm. The tans were cheerful and warm while the reds were ancient and bold. Each one different and yet complimented the others as the wet stones gleamed in the sun.

I see the roofs as I drive into my neighborhood. The grays tans and reddish browns remind me so much of that perfect summer day both calm and peaceful. Each color complimenting the house they stand over as the sun shines down on them. The gray roofs are calm and peaceful. They make me think of a sweet night of rest. The tans warm and inviting recall hospitality and the warmth of good friends and neighbors. The brownish reds like ancient roman roofs are bold and strong ready to stand strong through time. Both stones and the roofs are so often seen but their gentle colors still warm my heart and bring me home.