Roof Leaks Around Your Chimney
By J-Conn Roofing, Wednesday, November 18, 2020

There are many reasons a chimney can leak. The most common cause of chimney leaks come from the chimney flashing, whose job is to waterproof a chimney, can bend, crack or separate allowing water to seep in. Other roofing material around the chimney may also be the source of the leak, such as the shingles around the chimney which may become worn, cracked, or damaged. Another common source of chimney leaks is the masonry (missing mortar or gaps in the mortar) or a failing chimney cap. If the flashing and roofing material around the chimney are in good condition, then the roof may not be the source of the leak.

If you have a roof leak around your chimney you may see evidence of the roof leak on the ceiling or wall around your chimney or if you have a brick chimney you may see water running down the brick inside your home. If you notice a leak near your chimney you can also look in the attic for evidence of the leak. Look for stains, rotten wood, mold or mildew. Feel the areas to see if they are damp. If you find signs of moisture, particularly on the attic ceiling around the chimney, you probably have a chimney roof leak and it’s time to call a roofing professional to come out and see about taking care of the leak before it can cause further damage to your home. Chimney leaks can be hard to pinpoint so make sure you call a reputable roofing specialistlike J-Conn Roofing at 512-479-0510 for a thorough inspection.