Roof Leak Repair
By J-Conn Roofing, Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Roof Leaks

Satellite television is a wonderful addition to anyone’s list of home entertainment must-haves. While satellite dishes are great to have, they are often installed on your roof, making them one of the most common causes of roof leaks. While you see it on most homes, maybe even your own, satellite dishes should never be installed on your roof. When installed on your roof, the bracket is bolted through the roof, which causes damage to your shingles and possibly the wood decking underneath. These holes allow water to leak in and cause further damage to your roof and home such as rotted wood and interior water damage. Satellite dishes should be installed someplace other than the roof, such as the fascia board or chimney. When having a new satellite dish installed make sure you let the installers know where you want them to install the dish. Believe it or not, many of them think it is okay to bolt the dish through the roof. If you already have a satellite dish that is bolted through your roof, you may want to consider having it removed and reinstalled in an alternate location. After doing so, you will need to have the area of shingles repaired where the dish was bolted through the roof by a professional roofer like J-Conn Roofing. J-Conn Roofing specializes in this type of inspection and repairs and will have your roof fixed up in no time!