Are Trees Causing Damage to Your Roof?
By J-Conn Roofing, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Roofer Repair

The oak trees in Austin are beautiful, but those oak trees, along with other types of trees, shrubs, or bushes can cause damage to your roof. Animals use trees to access your roof. Animal damage is a frequent problem on roofs. With their sharp incisors and natural inclination to gnaw, these animals can easily damage your roof and its supporting structure. They may nest in your attic and cause damage inside your home as well. If you have tree limbs that are rubbing against your roof or are close enough to rub against your roof during strong winds they should be trimmed back in order to prevent damage to your roof. Over time the tree branches can rub the granules off the shingles or even tear the shingles. During a storm or high winds there is the possibility of branches breaking and tearing into your roof. Shingles that are torn, punctured, or have granule loss have the potential to leak causing even more damage to the inside of your home.

While we never encourage a homeowner to get on their own roof due to safety, you can do a visual inspection from the ground. If you have trees that grow close to your house, walk around your home every few months to ensure they are not touching the roof. If they are, have a professional landscaping service cut away the limbs. Then, call a professional roofing contractor, like J-Conn Roofing at 512-479-0510 to inspect your roof for any damage.Roofer Repair

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