Are Animals Causing Damage to your Roof?
By J-Conn Roofing, Monday, July 13, 2020

Roof Repair Common types of rodents that can cause damage to your roof are: Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, squirrels, and raccoons. With their sharp incisors and natural inclination to gnaw, these animals can easily damage your roof and its supporting structure. Rodents may chew the roof vents or chew/claw holes right through the shingles and decking. They may nest in your attic and cause damage inside your home as well.

Your roof provides an easy nesting place for wasps and bees. These nests may be located in a corner or nook of your roof, or the insects may find entry into your attic or roof through small cracks in the roof area. They have been known to enter roofs under tiles or flashing; sometimes they will build nests at the spot where the main portion of your roof meets a dormer, skylight, or other protruding section. A homeowner can protect against insect invaders by ensuring that the roof is kept in good repair, denying them an access point.

The most common aerial pests on your roof are birds. Some birds, such as ravens, will actually peck at shingles and destroy them. In the circumstance that a bird nests in your gutters, the nest materials may clog your downspouts and cause rainfall to back up in your gutters.

Whether your problem is insect, rodent, or bird, your first step is to call a qualified pest-removal vendor that specializes in the safe removal of that particular pest. Once the pest is removed, have a roofing contractor inspect the roof for any damage or entry points. Have the areas repaired quickly so that animals do not regain access in the attic and to avoid water damage from any rain.